Salsa for Beginners – Wednesdays at 8pm | Starts 10.10

New Salsa Class for Beginners in Krambo starts on the 10th of October at 8 pm. The first lesson is always free so make sure to check it out 🙂

SALSA for Beginners – Wednesday at 8 PM | STARTs 10.10

Sign up:

Info: +48 504 004 330

The first lesson is FREE,

Check out our prices here

We do accept the Multisport Plus.

We do accept OK System.

We usually start with 2 groups a week so you can come and practise more often to get the best results and learn faster and more effectively. Moreover, we do offer a Friday’s PRACTISE for everyone so you can practise and dance what you’ve learned and become a salsero in no time.


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