New Beginners Classes in September

New Classes for Beginners in September are available now!

Sign up for new courses and become a salsa addict with us!

SALSA for Beginners – Start 03.09 (MONDAYS) at 21.00

SALSA for Beginners – Start 04.09 (TUESDAYS) at 19.00

SALSA for Beginners – Start 06.09 (THURSDAYS) at 20.00


Info: +48 504 004 330

The first lesson is FREE!

We do accept Multisport Plus cards.

We also accept OK System.

We usually start 2 or 3 classes in the same week, so you can enjoy salsa more than once a week, every group is a bit different but it’s a great opportunity to revise the material, meet new people and learn much, much faster. We strongly recommend coming to classes at least 2 times a week so you can grow as a dancer and become a salsero in no time.

Check out our DEALS!!!

Only till the 07th of September our monthly cards are cheaper!

89 zł instead od 99 zł (shop ONLINE in our store!)

If you buy 8 classes card for only 150 zł. you can enjoy our classes more often

In September with this 8 classes card, you will have an additional 9th class for free! Use it and learn more.

Make sure to check and come for our SALSA PRACTISE, it’s a small Krambo party with music in our studio. You can come and try out the material you’ve learnt in our classes. Make sure you dance with everybody no matter what level they are. Try out, fail, try again. Practise, practise and practise again.


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