Morning Salsa Classes!

Busy in the evenings? Why not try our morning salsa sessions?

First, it’s the best way to start your day, second, it’s cheaper and wakes you up better than an espresso!

We start on the 04.10 at 9 AM, the first lesson is FREE as always.

SALSA for Beginners – Thursdays at 9.00 AM | STARTs 04.10

SALSA for Beginners – Tuesdays at 9.00 AM | STARTs 09.10

Sign up:

Info: +48 504 004 330

The first lesson is FREE,

We do accept the Multisport Plus.

We do accept OK System.

We usually start with 2 groups a week so you can come and practise more often to get the best results and learn faster and more effectively. Moreover, we do offer a Friday’s PRACTISE for everyone so you can practise and dance what you’ve learned and become a salsero in no time.

Morning classes are CHEAPER!

Morning salsa card for 4 classes is only 80 zł!

Card for 8-morning classes a month is only 140 zł!


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